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Basic Photo Corrections

  • Sample Chapter is provided courtesy of Adobe Press.
  • Date: Jun 26, 2006.

Adjusting saturation with the sponge tool

Next you’ll use the sponge tool to saturate the color of the geraniums. When you change the saturation of a color, you adjust its strength or purity. The sponge tool is useful for making subtle saturation changes to specific areas of an image.


For an illustration of saturating with the sponge tool, see figure 3-2 in the color section.

  1. Select the sponge tool (sponge_icon.gif), hidden under the dodge tool (dodge_icon.gif).

    ImageReady also has a sponge tool hidden under the clone stamp tool (stamp_icon.gif).

  2. In the tool options bar, select the following settings:
    • In the Brush pop-up palette, again select a large, feathered brush, such as 27.
    • In the Mode pop-up menu, select Saturate.
    • In Flow, type 90 to set the intensity of the saturation effect.
  3. Drag the sponge back and forth over the flowers and leaves to saturate their color. The more you drag over an area, the more saturated the color becomes.
  4. Save your work.
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