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How to Create Basic Shapes in Illustrator CS

Chapter Description

Many objects in the Adobe Illustrator program can be created by starting with basic shapes and then editing them to create new shapes. In this lesson, you'll use some basic shapes to create a logo. Along the way, you'll learn how to use tools and commands to create basic shapes, copy and combine objects to create new shapes, paint objects, and more.

Review Questions

  1. What are the basic shape tools? Describe how to tear or separate a group of shape tools away from the toolbox.
  2. How do you draw a square?
  3. How do you draw a triangle?
  4. Describe three ways to specify the size of a shape.
  5. What is a quick way to transpose the color of an object’s stroke with its fill color?
  6. What is the difference between a view grid and a grid drawn with the Rectangular Grid tool?
  7. How do you draw a rectangular grid? How can you control the size of the grid and its cells?

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