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How to Create Page Layouts in GoLive CS2

Chapter Description

In this self-paced, step-by-step lesson, excerpted from our best-selling Classroom in a Book series, you'll learn how to create HTML page layouts using a variety of GoLive methods, including the GoLive CS2 layout grid, HTML tables, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) layers, and liquid layouts.

Exploring on your own

In this section you can open existing files to experiment with additional table and CSS options.

Experimenting with liquid layouts

  1. Choose File > Open and open the document named liquid.html.
  2. Choose Window > CSS to open the CSS palette.
  3. Notice the named CSS elements that are included as part of the liquid layouts on this page. Double-click on .colboxmiddle; the CSS Editor is displayed. Experiment with the various attributes to discover how each box in a liquid layout can be unique and contain many custom attributes.
  4. Choose File > Save.