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How to Work with Frames in InDesign CS

Chapter Description

In this self-paced lesson, you'll work on a two-page article for a magazine about origami paper folding. In the process, you'll learn how to use Adobe InDesign CS to resize and reshape text and graphic frames, crop graphics, scale an image contained in a graphics frame, wrap text around an object, and more.

On Your Own

One of the best ways to learn about frames is to experiment on your own. In this section, you will learn how to nest an object inside a shape you create. Follow these steps to learn more about selecting and manipulating frames:

  1. Using the Direct Selection tool (dirctsl.gif), select and copy any image on page 4 or 5.
  2. To create a new page, choose Insert Pages from the Pages palette menu and then click OK.
  3. Use the Polygon tool to draw a shape on the new page (use any number of sides and any value for the star inset). Select the shape using the Direct Selection tool, and then choose Edit > Paste Into to nest the image inside the frame. (If you choose Edit > Paste, the object will not be pasted inside the selected frame.)
  4. Use the Direct Selection tool to move and scale the image within the frame.
  5. Use the Direct Selection tool to change the shape of the polygon frame.
  6. Use the Selection tool (select.gif) to rotate both the frame and the image. Use the Direct Selection tool to rotate only the image within the frame.
  7. When you are done experimenting, close the document without saving.
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