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How to Work with Frames in InDesign CS

Chapter Description

In this self-paced lesson, you'll work on a two-page article for a magazine about origami paper folding. In the process, you'll learn how to use Adobe InDesign CS to resize and reshape text and graphic frames, crop graphics, scale an image contained in a graphics frame, wrap text around an object, and more.

Review Answers

  1. Use the Selection tool (select.gif) for general layout tasks, such as positioning and sizing objects. Use the Direct Selection tool (dirctsl.gif) for tasks involving drawing and editing paths or frames; for example, to select frame contents or to move an anchor point on a path.
  2. To resize a frame and its contents simultaneously, select the Selection tool, hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS), and then drag a handle. Hold down Shift to maintain the object’s proportions.
  3. To rotate a graphic within a frame, use the Direct Selection tool to select the graphic within the frame. Select the Rotation tool (rotate.gif), and then drag one of the handles to rotate only the graphic, not the frame.
  4. To select an object within a group, select it using the Direct Selection tool.