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How to Use the Project Panel In Premiere Pro 2.0

Chapter Description

Travel to the center of the Premiere Pro universe with this guided tour of the Premiere Pro 2.0 Project panel. Over the course of this chapter, author Jacob Rosenberg gives you an overview of the Project panel's functions, features, and behaviors and offers a few organizational tips you can use to make video editing easier.

Organizational Tips

The Project panel is where you can organize and make life easier for yourself. I try to use a lot of bins that are labeled for their intended usage. Instead of populating my project with 250 different files in one view, I try to create specific bins for specific files. I typically use the following bin structure for my projects:

  • Logged Clips: Holds all offline, logged files
  • Video: Holds online video clips and may have subfolders to identify different groups of the clips
  • Audio: Holds additional audio-only files
  • Music: Used only if a project has music or soundtrack files
  • Voice-Over: Used only if a project has voice-over files
  • Graphics: Holds all Photoshop or computer-generated graphic files
  • Titles: Holds all Adobe Title Designer titles
  • Stills: Holds pictures or still photographs
  • Sequences: Holds all of the sequences for the open project

Creating a bin structure in your Project window that is similar to the folder structure on your hard drive makes it easier to find and move items in your project. If you always put your titles in a Title folder on your drive and you always create a Title bin in any new project that you create, it will be easy to find any older title and use it in a new project.

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