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Modify Simple Graphics in Flash MX 2004

Chapter Description

Flash back to Macromedia Flash MX 2004 for a retro tutorial on how to modify simple graphics in Flash! If you're still using Macromedia Flash MX 2004, you'll want to sneak a peek at this sample chapter, which shows you how to use the selection, lasso, and subselection tools to select and modify graphics. You'll also learn about using the Property Inspector and other panels to modify elements' attributes.

Using the Eraser Tool in Normal Mode

The eraser tool has five modes that interact with fills and strokes in a variety of ways. This chapter describes using the eraser in Erase Normal mode; the other modes will become more important when you handle complex graphics with multiple elements (see Chapter 4).

In Erase Normal mode, the eraser acts pretty much as you'd expect. When you click and drag it over the Stage, the tool removes any line or fill in its path.

To erase all strokes and fills (Erase Normal):

  1. In the Toolbar, select the eraser tool, or press E ( Figure 3.71 ).

    Figure 3.71 Use the eraser tool and its modifiers to remove all or part of strokes and fills.

    The eraser modifiers appear in the Options portion of the Toolbar.
  2. From the Eraser Mode pop-up menu, choose Erase Normal. A check appears by that mode in the menu, and the Erase Normal icon appears in the Toolbar.
  3. From the Eraser Shape pop-up menu, choose a size and shape for the eraser. The icon for the selected eraser shape appears in the Toolbar.
  4. Move the pointer over the Stage. The pointer has the size and shape you selected.
  5. Click and drag, or scrub back and forth as you would with an ordinary eraser ( Figure 3.72 ).

    Figure 3.72 Click and drag with the eraser tool in Erase Normal mode to erase all lines and fills.

    Flash removes all the lines and fills you erase.
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