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Modify Simple Graphics in Flash MX 2004

Chapter Description

Flash back to Macromedia Flash MX 2004 for a retro tutorial on how to modify simple graphics in Flash! If you're still using Macromedia Flash MX 2004, you'll want to sneak a peek at this sample chapter, which shows you how to use the selection, lasso, and subselection tools to select and modify graphics. You'll also learn about using the Property Inspector and other panels to modify elements' attributes.

Using a Selection Rectangle

Flash allows you to select several elements (or parts of elements) in a single operation by drawing a special rectangle around them. The rectangle is not a graphic element; it just defines the boundaries of your selection.

To create a selection rectangle:

  1. In the Toolbar, select the selection tool.
  2. Click and drag to pull out a selection rectangle ( Figure 3.8 ).

    Figure 3.8 Clicking and dragging with the selection tool creates a selection rectangle (top). Be sure to start from a point that allows you to enclose all the elements you want to select within the rectangle (middle). Release the mouse button, and you've selected those elements (bottom).

  3. Continue dragging until the rectangle encloses all the elements you want to select. Be sure to start dragging at a point that allows you to enclose the elements you want within a rectangle drawn from that point.
  4. Release the mouse button. Flash highlights whatever falls inside the selection rectangle.
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