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Modifying Simple Graphics

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  • Date: Nov 3, 2006.

Using the Faucet Modifier

To speed the erasing of lines and fills, Flash provides the faucet modifier for the eraser tool. The faucet erases an entire fill shape or an entire line with a single click.

To erase a line:

  1. In the Toolbar, with the eraser tool selected, click the faucet modifier (Figure 3.73).

    Figure 3.73

    Figure 3.73 The eraser tool's faucet modifier lets you erase entire lines or fills with a single click.

    The pointer changes to a dripping-faucet icon.

  2. Place the faucet's hot spot (the drop of water) over the line you want to remove (Figure 3.74).

    Figure 3.74

    Figure 3.74 This squiggly line contains multiple curve segments, as the selection indicates (top). You can delete the whole line by using the eraser tool's faucet modifier. Click the hot spot of the water drip anywhere on the deselected line (middle); Flash deletes the entire line (bottom).

    The line should not be selected.

  3. Click.

    Flash deletes the entire line, even if it's made up of several line segments.

To erase a fill:

  1. Select the eraser tool's faucet modifier.
  2. Place the faucet's hot spot over the fill you want to remove.
  3. Click.

    Flash deletes the fill.

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