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InDesign's Top 10 Type Tools

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For all its complexity and sophistication, Adobe InDesign CS2 is a remarkably simple and intuitive program to use. That said, unless you're working with it on a regular basis, some of its features may go unnoticed or misunderstood. Some of InDesign's most important typographic tools are buried away in submenus; some have arcane or intimidating-sounding names; others require little user interaction and are easy to overlook. Nigel French discusses his favorite type features in InDesign that you never knew you needed, but soon will not be able to live without.

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10 The Hyphenation Slider

Many typographic choices are a trade-off and none more so than determining the number of hyphens in your body text. The more hyphens, the better the word spacing, but too many hyphens can make for broken reading. Based upon your personal threshold for hyphens—some people hate them, others find them useful little helpers—you can decide upon how many hyphens to allow by using the Hyphenation slider. Also, be sure to uncheck Hyphenate Last Word: a simple way to prevent your paragraphs from ending on a single syllable. Who would ever want that?

Figure 10

Figure 10 The same paragraph with the Hyphenation slider set to Better Spacing (left) and to Fewer Hyphens (right).

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