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Deprecated Items in ActionScript 2.0 and Some Suggested Alternatives
By Shimul Rahim, Francis Cheng, Jen deHaan, Robert L. Dixon
Jan 6, 2006
The evolution of ActionScript has deprecated many elements of the language. This section lists the deprecated items and suggests alternatives when available.
Embedding Flash Video with Dreamweaver
By David Karlins
Jan 4, 2008
David Karlins shows how to use Dreamweaver to embed a video clip into your own web page, presented with your own customized display skin, and surrounded by your own content.
Exciting Updates to Flash Professional CC
By Joseph Labrecque
Dec 4, 2013
Experienced instructor and Flash Platform expert Joseph Labrecque presents an introduction to much of what is new in Flash Professional CC; namely, the introduction of native HTML5 Canvas.
Expert Flash Tips and Tricks
By Derek Franklin, Brooks Patton
Feb 16, 2001
Quick and dirty Flash! tips from Derek Franklin and Brooks Patton, coauthors of Flash 5! Creative Web Animation.
Extending AJAX with the Flash/JavaScript Integration Kit
By Kris Hadlock
Oct 6, 2005
Want more control over the user experience? Because Flash makes graphical programming quick, easy, and attractive, and because JavaScript is very effective at manipulating HTML, they can be leveraged to focus on their strengths. Kris Hadlock shows you how to extend AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) by cross-communicating between Flash and JavaScript. Discover how this technique enables technologies to focus on specialized tasks, and helps create the ultimate user experience.
External Communications with Flash 8: How to Use the ExternalInterface
By Kris Hadlock
Mar 24, 2006
Kris Hadlock explores the use of the ExternalInterface class in Flash 8. With ExternalInterface, you can build robust object-oriented Flash applications that can be connected to the outside world and tied to databases and other server-side processes.
First Steps of Flash Game Design
By Jobe Makar
Jan 3, 2003
This sample chapter discusses the most common Flash game genres, their terminology, and Flash's capabilities as a game-development environment.
Flash Essentials for After Effects Users
By Richard Harrington
Jun 17, 2009
Flash baffles After Effects users as often as it makes them feel comfortable. This chapter from Rich Harrington introduces you to Flash’s interface and core animation techniques.
Flash Interface Design: Bud Greenspan's 10 Greatest Winter Olympians
By Darcy Dinucci
Feb 7, 2003
CNNSI had three goals for a minisite running in the weeks before the 2002 Winter Olympics. Thoughtbubble Productions used Flash to accomplish all those activities in a single page.
Flash MX Printing
By Neeld Tanksley, Luke Bayes, John Elstad
Apr 25, 2003
See how to customize printing from a Flash Player by using the print action feature.
Flash Physics: Velocity and Acceleration
By Jobe Makar
Jan 1, 2002
by Jobe Makar, co-author of Macromedia Flash: Super Samurai
Flash: It's All Grown Up Now
By Derek Franklin
May 25, 2001
Flash is no longer a program in its formative years; it's all grown up! So what's changed in the 15 months in between versions 4 and 5? Let Derek Franklin, co-author of Flash 5! Creative Web Animation, walk you through the highlights.
From Flash to Flex: Creating ActionScript Components for Flex
By Kris Hadlock
Jul 27, 2007
Kris Hadlock explains how to create an ActionScript component for Flex by using XML as a data source to offer reusability in your Flex applications.
From Flash to Flex: Integrating ActionScript with MXML
By Kris Hadlock
Jun 8, 2007
Are you familiar with Flash and interested in making a move to Flex? This article is for you. It will show you the differences between the two applications and how to make a smooth transition. In this first article of a multipart series, "From Flash to Flex," Kris Hadlock shows you how to begin creating your first Flex application by integrating ActionScript with MXML.
From Flash to Flex: Moving to ActionScript 3
By Kris Hadlock
Jul 6, 2007
In his second article from the Flash to Flex series, which focuses on helping you migrate your work environment from Flash to Flex by learning the differences between and comparing the two applications, Kris Hadlock shows you all you need to know to get started using ActionScript 3. In this article you’ll learn how to create packages and classes and incorporate them into a Flex project.
From Flash to Flex: Understanding Flex Events
By Kris Hadlock
Sep 14, 2007
Kris Hadlock explains Flex events and how to incorporate them into object-oriented code.
Game Development with Flash
By Matthew David
Mar 28, 2003
In this age of Internet gaming, Matthew David tells why you need only one tool for building online games: Macromedia Flash MX.
Getting Familiar with Paths in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional
By Mark Schaeffer
Sep 23, 2008
One of the most important innovations in Flash was a new set of tools that made creating vector graphics as simple and intuitive as creating bitmap graphics. This excerpt, adapted from Adobe Flash CS4 Professional How-Tos: 100 Essential Techniques (Peachpit Press, ISBN 0-321-58004-4), discusses paths, the most basic element of a vector drawing.
How to Build Applications in Dreamweaver
By Joseph Lowery, Eric Ott
Jan 20, 2006
Whether you're totally new to Dreamweaver or just creating dynamic Web applications with the program, this chapter will help you find your bearings. The first part explores the Dreamweaver workspace with an emphasis on its application-building capabilities. The rest of the chapter deals specifically with the basics of Web application tools that are standard in Dreamweaver. Everything from applying server behaviors to working in Live Data view is described.
How to Export a Site Design From Fireworks to Dreamweaver
By Jeffrey Bardzell, Shaowen Bardzell, Bob Flynn
Sep 8, 2006
After you create and finalize your site's design in Fireworks, you can turn your attention to moving the design from Fireworks to Dreamweaver. Moving the design is a two-step process that involves image optimization and file export. In this lesson, you'll learn techniques for optimizing graphics. In addition, you'll work with various export settings to prepare the Fireworks document for export. In the process, you'll become familiar with Fireworks' Optimize panel and the Export HTML setup process, mastering the techniques used to find the best optimization and export settings for your original design.

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