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Introducing ActionScript
By Derek Franklin, Jobe Makar
Jun 21, 2002
Get ready to be introduced to your new best friend: ActionScript! This sample chapter will show you some compelling reasons for learning ActionScripting, as well as what makes it tick.
Using Symbols and the Library in Flash MX
By Chrissy Rey
Jun 21, 2002
In this sample chapter, you'll learn to use Flash MX's symbols, libraries, and the Movie Explorer to manage your movies and keep them small, fast, and organized. You will also learn how to use and how to import bitmaps.
Adding Graphics and Text in Flash MX
By Chrissy Rey
Jun 14, 2002
Flash provides multiple tools to let you precisely control the placement of elements, including rulers, guides, panels, and the Property inspector. In this lesson, you'll learn to use all of these.
Modifying Simple Graphics in Flash MX, Part 2
By Katherine Ulrich
Jun 7, 2002
In Part 2 of her sample chapter, Katherine Ulrich continues her discussion of tools and techniques for modifying graphics in Flash MX.
Modifying Simple Graphics in Flash MX, Part 1
By Katherine Ulrich
May 31, 2002
Katherine Ulrich discusses using the arrow, lasso, and subselection tools to select and modify elements in Flash MX. She also teaches you how to use the Property Inspector and panels to modify elements' attributes.
Building a Sound Mixer in Flash
By Allan Kennedy
Jan 1, 2002
by Allan Kennedy, co-author of Macromedia Flash: Super Samurai
Flash Physics: Velocity and Acceleration
By Jobe Makar
Jan 1, 2002
by Jobe Makar, co-author of Macromedia Flash: Super Samurai
What's New in Flash 5
By Katherine Ulrich
Aug 13, 2001
Peachpit Press author Katherine Ulrich lists some new features that beginning and intermediate users of Flash will especially appreciate.
Flash: It's All Grown Up Now
By Derek Franklin
May 25, 2001
Flash is no longer a program in its formative years; it's all grown up! So what's changed in the 15 months in between versions 4 and 5? Let Derek Franklin, co-author of Flash 5! Creative Web Animation, walk you through the highlights.
Creating Colors
By Katherine Ulrich
Mar 23, 2001
Katherine Ulrich, author of Flash 5 for Windows & Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide, takes you through creating, defining, and selecting colors in Flash for Windows and Macintosh.
Interactivity in Flash
By Derek Franklin, Brooks Patton
Mar 23, 2001
Three things are needed to make interactivity work in Flash. Learn what they are and how they apply to Flash in this article by Derick Franklin and Brooks Patton, authors of Flash!4 Creative Web Animation.
Tweening in Flash
By Katherine Ulrich
Mar 23, 2001
There are two drawbacks to frame-by-frame animation: First, it's labor intensive; second, it creates large files. Here Katherine Ulrich discusses the two ways Flash mitigates both problems with a process called tweening.
Using SmartClips
By Katherine Ulrich
Mar 23, 2001
Flash 5 provides a way to preserve the complex programming that you do with ActionScript in reusable, customizable movie clips. This special form of movie clip is called a SmartClip. Here author Katherine Ulrich shows you the basics.
Expert Flash Tips and Tricks
By Derek Franklin, Brooks Patton
Feb 16, 2001
Quick and dirty Flash! tips from Derek Franklin and Brooks Patton, coauthors of Flash 5! Creative Web Animation.

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