Nate Weiss

Ben Forta is Allaire Corporation's product evangelist for the ColdFusion product line. Ben has over 15 years of experience in the computer industry, and spent 6 years as part of the development team responsible for creating OnTime, one of the most successful calendar and group-scheduling products, with over one million users worldwide. Ben is the author of the popular ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit, and it's sequel Advanced ColdFusion 4 Application Development, as well as books on JSP (JavaServer Pages), WAP, and other technologies.

Nate Weiss is currently the Tech Director and Chief Architect at OneCARE (, a company committed to online product support and customer relations. Previously, he was the principal developer at ICES, Inc ( He has been fortunate enough to speak at several ColdFusion developer conferences and user group meetings, and was the original owner of the WDDX SDK (available from Visit his website at, which includes a number of ColdFusion custom tags and other goodies.