Janet Ashford

Janet is the co-author (with John Odam) of Start With a Scan.

Janet Ashford is a freelance writer and designer and the co-author of threebooks on computer graphics: Adobe Illustrator: A Visual Guide for the Mac (Graphic-Sha/Addison-Wesley, 1995), Aldus PageMaker: A Visual Guide for theMac (Graphic-Sha/Addison-Wesley, 1994), and The Verbum Book of PostScriptIllustration (M & T Books, 1990).

For the past five years Ashford has written a regular how-to column oncomputer graphics for MacUser magazine, has been a contributing editor andwriter for Step-By-Step Electronic Design, and has written regularly forPrint and Step-By-Step Graphics. She has created designs for books,newsletters and brochures and produced original illustrations for posters,textbooks, and magazines.

Ashford has worked as a fine artist for the past twenty-five years, creatingdrawings, paintings and posters with watercolor, pen-and-ink, oils,acrylics, and silk screen. She is also a musician, and she composed andperformed the original music for the interactive Photo CD that accompaniesThe Official Photo CD Handbook (Peachpit Press, 1995).

Before becoming involved with computer graphics, Ashford wrote many booksand articles on childbirth and women' health, including The Whole BirthCatalog (Crossing Press, 1983). She has a B.A. in psychology from UCLA.Ashford and her three children live in Encinitas, California, north of SanDiego.

From Photo to Drawing
Sep 1, 2001