Robi Sen

Robi Sen is the Vice-President of Department13, a software consultancy focusing on e-procurement, supply chain management, enterprise application integration, and web services. Formerly, he was the Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Software Development at Granularity, Inc. Mr. Sen has been working professionally in the software development world for the last 15 years, since he was recruited at the age of 16 to develop software systems for Westinghouse Hanford Co. and the Department of Defense.

Mr. Sen's chief areas of interest are in the creation of a new breed of network-based applications and the development of intelligent agents, which are software systems that can interact with humans and other machines in a thoughtful manner. These systems make context-appropriate decisions for their users, without having to receive instructions from those users. He is also interested in the development of web services.

He is a sought after speaker and speaks to user groups, universities, and at major conferences all over the United States.