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Adobe Acrobat 5 Master Class

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  • Gorgeous four-color layout.
    • Beautifully illustrates the variety of uses for PDF in digital communications as it provides students with visual interest and inspiration for their own design projects.

  • Companion CD-ROM—Contains sample PDF projects for students to explore: animated recipe collections, interactive e-books, a sample “iBrochure,” interactive maps, and beautifully-designed PDF forms.
    • Provides students with the complete graphic and interactive experience of the projects discussed in the book.

  • Industry-leading Authors—Pattie Belle Hastings is an artist, designer, educator, and author living in New Haven, Connecticut. She has published and lectured on art, design, creativity, and computer-related subjects. Her artwork has been exhibited internationally and she has received grants, awards, and fellowships from many corporations, foundations, and public agencies for her books, art and design. She, with co-author Bjørn Akselsen, is a partner at Icehouse Design and is currently an Assistant Professor of Interactive Design in the Computer Sciences Department at Quinnipiac University.
    • Industry-leading authors, teachers, writers, and designers provide students with expert, professional training.

  • Copyright 2003
  • Edition: 1st
  • Premium Website
  • ISBN-10: 0-201-74883-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-201-74883-3

Did you know that you could use Adobe Acrobat to create slideshows and presentations? Many people don't realize that Acrobat PDF files can be used for more than just sharing cross-platform, visually accurate copies of their documents with colleagues and customers. This gorgeous, full-color book--384 pages in length--uses case studies to demonstrate Adobe Acrobat's myriad uses as a sophisticated, multi-purpose,interactive tool.

You can also use Acrobat to embed sounds, actions, and interactivity in PDFs--this book shows you how. This full-featured guide also offers instruction on how to set up a digital signature for yourself and add security features to PDFs so you can sign contracts and other legal documents and share them safely and digitally.

In addition, the book covers some of the more commonly known features of the full version of Adobe Acrobat 5--using the comments tools, making eBooks, searching PDFs for keywords, setting opening preferences for your readers, and designing interactive forms. And, of course, it shows you the various ways you can make PDFs from other leading applications.

As an added bonus, the print book comes with a companion CD-ROM that demonstrates how to use Acrobat to create movies, interactive crossword puzzles, maps, and more. You'll be surprised at all you can do with Acrobat by the time you're done reading this must-have reference!

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 PDF

Table of Contents



1. Introduction.

About This Book. What's New in Acrobat 5. Acrobat Components and Work Flow. Adobe Acrobat Work Area. Acrobat Reader Viewing Area.

2. Creating PDFs.

Creating PDFs. Managing File Size. Alternative PDF Conversion Tools.

3. PDF Navigation.

Designing User Interface and Navigation for PDF. Controlling the Initial View of Your Document. Using Bookmarks. Using Thumbnails. Making Destinations for Acrobat. Defining and Reading Articles. Traveling through Maps. eBook Navigation.

4. Interactive PDF.

Designing Interactivity. The Link Tool. Managing Links with Adobe GoLive. Creating Custom Navigation for PDF. Moving Beyond Simple Actions. Acrobat JavaScript Basics. Scholarly Pursuits.

5. Interactive Forms.

Introduction to Forms. Creating a Basic Fill-in Form. Naming Form Fields. Enhancing Forms. Saving and Signing Forms with Acrobat Approval. Form Guru. PDF Crossword Puzzles.


Evaluating Acrobat's Comment Tools. Adding Comments for Review Cycles. Setting Up an Online Collaboration. Collaborating Online.

7. Editing PDF.

Batch Processing. Editing Text. Editing Graphics. Moving and Copying Pages. Creating Tagged PDF.

8. Security & Search Enhancements.

Restricting Viewing and Editing with Security. Using Find and Search Commands.

9. Multimedia.

About Multimedia Capabilities. Integrating Movies. Making Movies. Adding Audio. Making Sounds. How to Read a Film.

10. Presentations.

Creating Dynamic Presentations with Adobe Acrobat. Full Screen Mode. Transition Magic.

11. EBooks.

Creating eBooks for the Acrobat eBooks Reader. Using Acrobat eBook Reader. Translating Classics from Paper to Screen. LiveReads: Integrating Form and Content. ComicsOne.

QuickGuide to Keyboard Shortcuts.

Contributors and Credits.

PDF Resources.

About the Authors.


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