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Adobe Master Class: Illustrator Illuminated

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  • In-depth Focus on Ten Case Studies—Each chapter presents the work of a single illustrator, detailing the hows, whys, and artistic processes involved. The projects described are accompanied by detailed, step-by-step drawings and images of real assignments as they took shape. Includes illustration of all printed material and Web applications as well.
    • Provides students insight into the illustration and design process.

  • Gorgeous four-color layout.
    • Illustrates the design process as it provides students with visual interest and inspiration for their own design projects.

  • Industry-leading Author—Clay Andres is the author of numerous best-selling and award-winning computer books. He has been a freelance computer journalist since the dawn of personal computing, is a Web columnist for, and is a former contributing editor to MacWEEK magazine. Andres is also a Web designer and consultant. His corporate nom de plume is and he is a partner in the Web shop, Concision, of Norwalk, CT.
    • Provides students with expert, professional training.

  • Copyright 2003
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-201-77573-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-201-77573-0

It takes more than great software to make great artwork. It also requires a talented artist. In this book, you'll see how some of the world's most successful commercial artists use Adobe Illustrator, their personal style, and good business sense to create artwork that shows up in such high-profile places as murals for the Winter Olympics, children's books, UNICEF greeting cards, and the entire surface of the Microsoft Discovery Bus.

The interviews in this book take you inside the studios and the minds of 15 master artists. They talk about how to get work done, what inspires them, what they do when they're stuck, and the career path that led them to where they are today. Each artist also takes you step by step through a specific piece of art, passing along practical tips and techniques. Simply thumbing through the pages of this beautifully illustrated book is inspiring. Each artist has included a gallery full of his or her best work, which ranges widely, from maps, dishes, magazine illustrations, and T-shirts to animation and billboards.

Online Sample Chapter

Cartoon Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Table of Contents


1. The Illustrator Way of Thinking.

About Adobe Illustrator. Beginning an Illustration. Tracing Templates. Managing with Layers. The Ubiquitous Pen Tool. Avoiding Printing Problems. Excessive Points on Path. Transparency. Setting Frequencies. Rasterizing Stubborn Files. Looking Forward.

2. Technical Illustration.

Alan Raine: An Isometric View. The Project. The Steps.

3. Childrens Illustration.

Russell Benfanti: Love of Children. The Project. The Steps (Entire Illustration). The Ste[s (The Cat).

4. Trade Show Displays.

Martin French: A Touch of Gold. The Project. The Steps.

5. Poster Design.

Ellen Papciak-Rose: Out of Africa. The Steps.

6. Greeting Cards.

Sarakp Froeden: Funky Bitmaps to Textural Designs. The Project. The Steps.

7. Advertisement.

Amore Hiroske: Illustrations from Japan.

8. Typography.

Daniel Pelavin: Type with Style. The Project. The Steps.

9. Billboard/Large Format Designs.

Michael Bartalos: Bigger Is Better. The Project. The Steps.

10. Logo Design.

Doug Panton: Logo Design. The Project. The Steps.

11. CD Packaging.

Michael Doret: Sign of the Times. The Project. The Steps.

12. Editorial.

Louis Fishauf: The Medium is the Message. The Project. The Steps.

13. Cartoon Illustration.

Nick Diggory: Cartoons from Down Under. The Project. The Steps.

14. Portrait Illustration.

Tiffany Larsen: Whiz Kid to Professional Illustrator. The Project. The Steps.

15. Textile Design.

Helle Abild: New Directions in Pattern Designs. The Project. The Steps.

16. Cartography.

Bruce Daniel: Maps with Pizzazz. The Project. The Steps.

Index and Image Credits.

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