User Groups

Welcome to our Pearson Community Groups Program, providing Peachpit user groups and communities with discounted prices, product news, review copies, marketing materials, and giveaways.

To qualify, groups must have:

  • Active membership of 10 or more people
  • Valid and active website for shared information
  • Regular online or face-to-face meetings

Once you register your User Group, Peachpit will verify your information and you'll be provided with our member URL, which has the discount code included.

As a preview, benefits for active, enrolled groups include:

  • Permanent membership codes extending discounts of 40-45% off, valid for both print & digital products
  • Groups which meet in North America will obtain a spot on a topical "review copy/promotional" mailing list aligned with their stated interests, to receive sample books periodically throughout the year
  • Groups everywhere else in the world will be entitled to receive digital download vouchers for our digital products

Leaders can use complimentary copies—for either print or digital products—to help boost meeting attendance through giveaways, assignments to committed reviewers, additions to group libraries, and/or we encourage your own creative ideas!

Submit Your Photos

We love to see what your community is up to—send your meeting pictures to All photos must be JPG files with a maximum width of 300 pixels; 72 dpi is preferred. By submitting your photos, you are giving us permission to use them in our marketing channels.

Contact Us

Questions? Email Please include your full name, user group name, and URL in the message.

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