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Sidestepping the Banana Skins: How to Avoid Common Type Mistakes in InDesign
Don't make yourself easy prey for the type pedants out there who will mock you for using an opening quote mark instead of an apostrophe. While rules are made to be broken, Nigel French, author of InDesign Type: Professional Typography with Adobe InDesign, 3rd Edition, offers ten rules of InDesign type that should (almost) never be broken.
By Nigel French - Apr 16, 2014
Working with Leading in Adobe InDesign
Nigel French discusses leading—the space between lines of type— in this excerpt from InDesign Type: Professional Typography with Adobe InDesign, 3rd Edition. Nigel talks about how much is enough, screen leading, auto leading, and consistency.
By Nigel French - Mar 10, 2014
Professional Audio Techniques for Adobe Premiere Pro
This chapter will help you start to generate great audio in your program. Because you don’t always get to work with perfect audio, this chapter also features a section on how to fix common audio problems using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition CC. From setting up your working environment to adjusting levels to adding effects, you’ll work with audio just like the pros do.
By Luisa Winters - Feb 26, 2014

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