User Groups

Welcome to the Adobe Press User Group Partner Program.

Why "partner" you ask? We figure this is a give and take proposition—by registering your group, you'll receive information on new and exciting releases, discounts on our titles, information on special events we're attending, and more. And in return, we ask that from time to time you share your thoughts on what we're publishing, what technologies you're using, or maybe how your group membership is changing and growing.

By registering, you agree to receive an email newsletter from us each month detailing user group news, benefits information, and other announcements.

Adobe Press User Group Partners are entitled to:

  • Build a resource library with complimentary copies of our books
  • Discounted shopping at
  • Donations of promotional items for your meetings and special events
  • Opportunities for Adobe Press authors as guest speakers
  • Product updates and previews

For more information on the User Group Partner Program contact:

Jackie Hill
1301 Sansome Street,
San Francisco, CA 94111

Register Your User Group

User groups are typically volunteer, not-for-profit organizations, or special interest groups. At this time, companies and colleges are not included in the Adobe Press program. While we appreciate outside interest in our User Group Partner Program, we respectively request that only a legitimate group leader/coordinator with an established membership apply. Group leaders registering for the user group should have:

  • Membership of five (5) or more people
  • Print/Web newsletter or user group Web site for shared information
  • Regular online or face-to-face meetings

Adobe Press reserves the right to reject registrations that do not meet the requirements of the User Group Partner Program.

To find out if your user group is registered, click here to search user groups by state. To register your user group, please fill out this online form.